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Current puppies available

Below are our current corgi puppies for sale that are waiting for their forever home.
We currently do not have any puppies available. Get on our Waiting List.
All parents are tested for DM, VWD1, and EIC. All puppies are AKC registered. Full registration for breeding available to qualified families for an additional fee.

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About Bejay’s Corgis

Minnesota Corgi Breeder
Bejay’s got started several years ago when we purchased our first corgi! We totally fell in love with this breed of dog; We decided we wanted to share this wonderful breed of dogs with others. We have expanded to 6 females and 2 males. They are raised on a small hobby farm with chickens, peacocks, cattle, horses and sheep. Our dogs have a ton of socialization with ourselves, grandchildren, animals, and family.
Our dogs are in a new kennel with abundant living space each and with a controlled temperature environment, heat in winter months and air conditioning in summer months.

How to Train?

Be sure to stay consistent with training and stand your ground when it comes to disciplining this breed.

How to Walk?

Corgis need quite a bit of exercise, considering the size of the breed. Walks with their owners are perfect!

How to Socialize?

In addition to getting to know their new family, a Corgi puppy should be introduced to other people and animals.

How to Play?

These guys love to play! They are friendly and energetic, so please keep them busy!

How to Care?

Keep your pup safe from medical emergencies by regular check-ups with your local vet.

How to Spa?

Spa, massage and facial – Corgis take it all. Give your pups regular wash, cut and vet check.

How to Housebreak?

Determine a schedule when your Corgi is fed as this will dictate when they need to go do their potty.

How to Feed?

Some Corgis can be picky eats. Keep trying different brands until you find one they like.

For you first time Pembroke Welsh Corgi owners

We are so excited for you to be a first time Corgi owner! To help you get started with your new fur-baby, here are a few facts and tips you should know about Corgis.
Our past Puppies

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If you have any questions, please feel free to email or call us. If you aren’t ready for a puppy now, but are interested in one in the future, sign up for our waiting list for the next litter.

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